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Donna Gilbertson

Never say "can't" was the maxim which most influenced Donna Gilbertson in her early years.

Born on 24 September 1955 into a theatrical family, she studied ballet and stage production from the age of five.
After becoming a mother, Donna's artistic tendencies began by meticulously painting war-game figures for collectors.

Encouragement from her family and artist friends led her through a progression of various painting mediums including oils, pencils and watercolour.
However it was her determination to work with pastels that led to her distinctive style of painting.

With no formal training in art, her vivid imagination, combined with a curiosity for something new, has produced appealing subjects ranging from cuddly teddies and colourful clowns to theatrical fantasy. 
Her first major exhibition held in November 1990 was a sellout success, and she has since exhibited and sold in private shows all over Australia.

 Donna Gilbertson

Donna Gilbertson, Ace

Donna Gilbertson, Surfing Teddy

Donna Gilbertson, Picnic Teddy


Surfing Teddy

Picnic Teddy

Donna Gilbertson, Indian Chief Teddy

Donna Gilbertson, Swaggie

Donna Gilbertson, Readinbg

Indian Chief Teddy



Donna Gilbertson, Hole In One

Donna Gilbertson, Garden Teddy

Donna Gilbertson, Family Pawtrait

Hole In One

Garden Teddy

Family Pawtrait

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