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d'Arcy Doyle

Self-taught painter of Australian landscapes and historical scenes, Doyle was born in Ipswich in 1932.

From an early age he had a keen interest in drawing and wished to be a designer or to be involved in the graphic industry. 
He joined the Royal Australian Navy and served seven years, after which he took up full-time painting in 1961.

Doyle has a deep affinity with the Australian bush and his work focuses on horses, sheep, drovers and other farm activities as well as children's games. 
Influenced by Norman Rockwell, the well-known American illustrator, Doyle gives us a nostalgic impression of post-war Brisbane and Ipswich as he recalls it.

His works are very popular and in great demand.

 d'Arcy Doyle

d'Arcy Doyle, Break In Play

d'Arcy Doyle, Hockey Players

d'Arcy Doyle, Hopscotch

d'Arcy Doyle, Loggers' Tea Break

Break In Play

Hockey Players


Loggers' Tea Break

d'Arcy Doyle, Break Of Day

d'Arcy Doyle, Men Only

d'Arcy Doyle, Sardine Lunch

d'Arcy Doyle, The Big Ring

Break Of Day

Men Only

Sardine Lunch

The Big Ring

d'Arcy Doyle, Christmas Morning

d'Arcy Doyle, The Bottle Merchant

d'Arcy Doyle, The Budding Socceroos

d'Arcy Doyle, The Kite Flyers

Christmas Morning

The Bottle Merchant

The Budding Socceroos

The Kite Flyers

d'Arcy Doyle, For Keeps

d'Arcy Doyle, The Lilypond

d'Arcy Doyle, The Pie Cart

d'Arcy Doyle, The Yearlings

For Keeps

The Lilypond

The Pie Cart

The Yearlings

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